• Beep! Book

    an essential ally in your Possibility Management initiation and healing journeys

  • A used, dark green, pocket-sized Beep! Book full of paper scraps sticking out, titled 'Beep! Book #13'
  • Indiana Jones checking his Beep! Book on one of his adventures
  • An example of how the pages of a Beep! Book can look like: chaotic, slightly crazy and full of discoveries
  • A person writing in their Beep! Book that's balanced on their legs, somewhere in nature with a very nice view of grassy hills and blue sky

    Glue One On You.

    Experiment BEEPBOOK.01: Take your Beep! Book wherever you go! Your Beep! Book is for capturing jewels of insight and distinction from all 3 worlds: Upperworld, Middleworld, and Underworld.


    Once you leave any particular space, you may never return there again. You know what it feels like to lose amazing clarity... If you d0 not transform the treasures from subjective possibilities to objective ink on paper so you can take them out of the space with you, they can vanish in an instant forever.


    In 'Rapid Learning' there are two kinds of feedback you might receive: 'Go!' or 'Beep!'


    'Go!' means keep going! It is working great!


    'Beep!' means it is not working as well as you planned. You might want to shift and try another approach.

  • Map of Pressure Rapid Learning: Go. Feedback. Go or Beep. Shift-Go. -- Beep is bad -> Beep swamp -> "Thanks for the feedback" -> back to Rapid Learning cycle

    The thing about 'Beeps!' is that if you went to school, you might think 'Beeps!' are 'bad'. This drops you directly into the 'Beep! Swamp' where vampire voices suck out your life energy by saying, "I'm not good enough." "I will never make it." "I'm an idiot." "I can't ever get it right." Ever been there?


    The way to get out of the 'Beep! Swamp' is to admit that you are in there. HINT: If you hear the voices... you are in the 'Beep! Swamp'. Go back to the person who gave you the 'Beep!' and say, "Thanks for the feedback."


    Now you are back in Rapid Learning. Write down the 'Beep!s" as clearly as you can in your 'Beep! Book' and use them as design specifications for exactly what to Shift to produce different results.


    Go back to 'Go' and try again with a 'Do-Over' to apply your new approach.


    Being on a Rapid Learning Team where Feedback and Coaching are a part of the Context leads to High Level Fun!

  • Two people showing their current Beep! Book pages on a zoom call
  • Two pages of a Beep! Book, full of notes about the "I am" initiation
  • A small, ornately carved wooden shelf holding a Voice Blaster, several stones, a golden lemniscate, the take back your balls statue, several other small things as well as multiple Beep! Books
  • Hints For When And How To Use Your Beep! Book

    Making notes during Possibility Management adulthood initiations and extraordinary healing processes informs the Universe that you are committed to your Path. When the Universe sees that you care enough to write stuff down, it starts giving you the good stuff...

    'Possibility Team' in glowing yellow and rainbow-cooured script.

    Possiblity Team

    Possibility Team uses Rapid Learning and the Learning Spiral as agencies of transformation. The ride can be wild! Keeping track of where you are and where you've been helps ground you in your next steps leading into where you're going. Draw the thoughtmaps. Plan your next experiments. Possibility Team is a place to pack your Beep! Book with possibilities for the rest of your week.

    A sparkler at night 'SPARK'

    S.P.A.R.K. Experiments

    S.P.A.R.K. stands for Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge. And that is exactly what S.P.A.R.K. experiments are.

    Many S.P.A.R.K. Experiments invite you to start whole new pages in your Beep! Book dedicated to inquiring into yourself, observing your inner workings, trying new adventures and noticing what changes.

    Two women sitting on chairs facing each other and shaking hands at the beginning of a Possibility Coaching

    Possibility Coaching Sessions

    "What can I do for you?"

    This question opens doorways through which you can unfold whole new life decisions.

    During your Possibility Coaching sessions your condition rapidly transforms. By unmixing emotions, distinguishing the 4 feelings from the 4 emotions, completing incomplete communications, removing an energetic block, recovering a missing chunk of your energetic body, making new decisions, setting boundaries, breaking rules, and entering new practices, what starts off as Possibility Coaching changes into your new future.

    A stylised standing book, the page it's opened to being a door to a bridge to next culture - next culture press


    Studying certain books builds Matrix in your energetic body to hold more consciousness. Copying insight passages from these books into your Beep! Book helps to integrate what you learn.

    A woman submerged up to her shoulders in a lake, holding her hands out in front of her and looking at the camera - Go Explore

    Films and Other Experiences

    There are thousands of adventurous domains to explore. When you let your Being choose what food it wants next, or you let ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office) open nonlinear doorways for you to slide sideways into new spaces of Possibility, then your Path is not determined by your culture, your parents, your comfort zone, your Box, or your Gremlin.

    When you can identify identify which film a movie quote came from in less than 1 minute, you prove that you have truly seen the film and you get 1 Matrix point! For example, "I have a really bad feeling about this..." Which film is that? Who said it? What was happening? The clock is ticking...

    The red shae of a human floating with their face towards the ground and their armes spread - Feelings Practitioner

    Feelings Practitioner Procedures

    Incomplete emotions can interfere with physical body health. The emotions remain in your emotional body and cause knots on the physical level. After years the imbalances can become serious. Your Beep! Book can be invaluable during your Feelings Practitioner healing and transformation processes. If you decide to train as a Feelings Practitioner yourself then your Beep! Book will quickly fill up with effective healing formulas and procedures you can deliver to help your own clients.

    A person standing on top of a stone with their arms spread. Expand The Box.

    Expand The Box training

    When Galileo was imprisoned for suggesting a thoughtware upgrade that the Earth was not at the center of the Universe, he was only promoting one new thoughtmap! During Expand The Box training you receive over 40 world-changing thoughtmaps along with practice exercises and experiences for using your new thoughtware in your daily life. Surely your Beep! Book will be a necessary accoutrement!

    A human form facing a huge dragon in front of a burning background - Possiblity Labs

    Possibility Labs

    Possibility Labs are three to five day transformational and healing spaces during which time archetypal forces called Bright Principles are called upon to assist you entering an authentic adulthood and archetypal relationship to your present and your future. Human beings are designed to activate archetypal potentials within themselves (called Stellating) and to jack into archetypal forces outside of themselves (called your Archetypal Lineage). How to do it, what you notice, what works, what needs attention... these are all sketched into your Beep! Book to mark your way.

    A woman sitting on a bench with a laptop in her lap and a cup next to her - Write The Book

    Write The Book

    Have you ever felt grateful to an author for investing their time and effort into writing a book that changed your life? Well... it perhaps it is payback time... Galileo wrote his first book when he was 51 years old, but it was his second book that changed the world... It is not too late for you. Neither is it too early! If you write a book then you can write a book!

    Writing forces you to codify what you've pieced together about 'what is' into a format that is useful to someone else. This means you cannot just think things to yourself and feel satisfied. Writing requires you to hack your own thoughtware and rearrange it into original radiance.

    Almost any author will tell you that you can never predict when new connections will pop into your awareness. Keeping your Beep! Book handy - even while dancing - makes you ready.

    A blue capital letter S with its tail turning into an arrow in a dark blue circle - StartOver.xyz


    StartOver.xyz is a free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal-development matrix-building thoughtware-upgrade game. You can set up your personal Matrix account at StartOver.xyz for recording your Matrix Points, and there is a complete listing of the bubble-net websites at spaceport.mystrikingly.com. The point is that doing experiments includes documenting your experiments. And for documenting experiments, you can't beat a Beep! Book!

  • A Secret Source of Beep! Books

    Off to the side of a small street in the recently-flooded mystical town of Venice you can find an intelligent, soft-spoken, kindly, bespectacled man carrying on the ancient tradition of making, by hand, the best Beep! Books in the world.


    If you find him, please give him regards from Clinton Callahan, the Memetic Wizard.


    Marbled Paper and Leather Store

    Fondamenta de l'Osmarin 4977A

    30122 Venecia VE, Italy


    Tel: +39 0415227691




    Google Maps Location

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